Sunday, July 20, 2008

S.P.B another simple soul

Having said a bit about the Superstar, let me talk of another really great person, a man who does not know the meaning of the words "pride" and "selfishness".The Great singer SPB. Balu Anna and I have had several interactions , thanks to a few films we shot and thanks to , you will be surprised Indian Cricketeers Anil Kumble, Venkatesh Prasad, Rahul Dravid, VVS Lakshman and so on.It was because of these people that I had a chance to re establish and re affirm my friendship with my colleague and fantastic actor Subalekha Sudhakar and his lovely "dharmapatni" S.P.Shailaja - an equally talented person.
The first time I had a really long chat with SPB was in the film city.I was shooting for a TV serial that he was making on various music directors etc and we were the only two actors on the set. During the break I asked him to hum a few songs which he so readily obliged.In fact it turned out to be a half hour of "neyar viruppam" - I being the only neyar - His friend Mr.Vittal was concerned that he was straining his voice but SPB would not listen and continued to sing....such is his greatness and simplicity.
Recently we all met at Sudhakars house ,of course , the cricketeers had to leave by 9 PM as they had a match but the rest of us stayed on to listen to the Paadum Nila...
I am posting a few videos taken that day - it was taken on one of these mini cameras - without proper lighting and sound but will still bring out the greatness of the voice and the Man....Incidentally this is NOT one of those "secretly" shot videos but Balu Anna knew that my friend kavithalaya krishnan was shooting it.Please check out You Tube....I promise you a great wealth of he sings an old TMS song, a mohammed rafi song and one of his own 'Ilamayenum Poongaatru"..
Hope he gives you as much pleasure as all of us derived that day....May the almighty grant him Peace, Prosperity and a long and happy life.
Such simplicity is rare to come by that too in the film industry...If the Superstar is one SPB is another.

SPB sings a rafi number

SPB on MSV and kannadasan/TMS

SPB - Ilamaienum poongaatru


Unknown said...

I would like to add one more thing that I pray Almighty give SPB is .. strength to keep on singing and singing.

I just love his voice.

Infact I am very disappointed to see his name missing in the Kuselan audio CD.

VenkataKrishna said...

Dear sir..
I am an ardent admirer of Sri Spb sir and a budding singer living USA. I rececntly came accross this blog site of urs, and I was very impressed with this side of me and my wife have been knowing you only through your wonderful acting in Aaanamdham serial..( and ofcourse your great acting in many tamil movies)..
SInce you seem like so much attached to the songs... I just wanted to pass on couple of websites where I post my songs (sung with Karaoke tracks.)
Whenever time permits..please do give your ear to my songs :)).. humble request...
1) I recorded SriMohdRafi song that SriSPB sir rendered in the youtube clip,
Mere Mehboob tujhe (also )
O Duniya ke which is very tough...

2) I also have created a
Medley of Hindi & tamil songs.
I would greatly appreciate if you could listen and provide me the feedback sir.

thank you very much
Best wishes & Regards

Prasanna said...

Dear sir
I know you as a drama artist , after seeing your interview with SPB - i can see a Great Music lover in you .
Being an ardent fan of Dr.SPB i enjoyed your moments with our padum nila . Thanks for sharing .

Luv and Live with Music

Anonymous said...

Great report. Ya SPB Voice is my SOUL Choice. Long Live Dr.SPB.

Sadish said...

Can you please repost this video with a different YouTube account? Or upload it somewhere else?


Sadish said...

Can you repost this video or email me?

Sadish Bala

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