Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sivaji in 3 D - Delightful , Dazzling and Divine.

I happened to get a chance to view some parts of the film Sivaji ( The Boss) recently converted to 3 D and boy what an experience it was !!!

If I say that I was totally blown away , it is not an exaggeration. I have always been a bit doubtful of this technology and the results it produced and I must confess that I have revised my opinion in toto. Kudos to the Team at Prasad , they have done an absolutely splendid job. Every frame is so "alive" and I felt that Superstar as well as the others looked even better than they did in the film - so beautifully Cinematographed by K.V.Ananad. Shankar's larger than life canvas and his taste for the opulent is truly shining in this version. The sets that were breathtaking in the original are absolutely "Jaw Dropping" - another Kudos  , this time to Thotta Tharani. We can safely expect that AVM will be doing its utmost to ensure that we can view this in all our favourite Cinema Halls/Multiplexes and of course they are the masters of Publicity , so we will all be well warned of the arrival.

I was talking to one of the Producers who told me that this was a project in which 400 people have been working for more than a year - WHO SAYS THAT THE FILM WORLD CANNOT KEEP A SECRET ?

Not a word of this came out till a few days ago. They have gone one step better than the earlier conversion attempts. They have gone for "dual" image , which requires Two Projectors and the Server in the Theater to handle both , this has contributed to the sparklingly crystal clear 3 D images.

I have always been a fan of the "Superstar" and when the Titles come on and each of the letters S U P E R etc starts to jump out at you , I am sure the Theater will Thunder - Summa Kettala Adhurudhu Illa ???? I am given to understand that Superstar watched a few parts and was totally impressed with the quality of the work and has given his Thumbs up.

Like the rest of Tamil Cinema Fans , I am looking forward to the release which I understand is not very far Rajini fans can rejoice that their "Thalaivar" is going to come "live" and boy are we in for a Roller Coaster ride.......To me it was like watching a "brand new" Rajini film - this 3 D has made such a difference.
When he tosses the coin almost comes and hits you in the eye.....this is no toss of a coin, it is a sure blockbuster. The 3 D's I saw can simply be described as Dazzlingly Delightful and a Divine experience.

What makes me prouder is that all this hi tech conversion work was done here in NAMMA CHENNAI - 
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.