Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

After a long gap I had the blessing to visit the
abode of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai - Swami to us
his devotees. What a wonderful two days it was.
Indeed , I have been planning on blogging my
limited experiences with Swami and have been
wondering if it should be in this thread or whether I should start something fresh. I wonder and look to you , the readers , to guide me. Considering that he is the Universal Director , maybe , it fits the rest of the Blogs content. Friends I request all of you to let me have your views.
The above picture was taken during Ramnavami of 1988....It was in the evening when Swami suddenly looked at the clock and said ....Ah , correct time , nakshatra ,lagna etc...just now Rama was born....and materialised this wonderful statuette ( approx 2 inches) and gave it to me .....Guess I must have done something good in my earlier births.In fact he asked me where is Rama...I thought he was referring to my father the famous senior advocate - Mr.V.P.Raman.. I said he is coming tomorrow from Madras. Swami smiled and said , No , no , he is coming now...and waved his hand in the famous circular motion , lo behold , Lord Rama was there.
I have a request to many NON Believers who may read this blog....Kindly do Not hurt the feelings of those who do by posting anything that is spiteful etc...If you do not like
or agree just click your way to the next page.
Love all , Serve all.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Last Year I was asked by Chennai heritage/Madras Musings to present a Talk with Film Clips during the Chennai Week. The topic last year was Chennai as a backdrop in Films 1930s to 1960s. Stills from that research are seen in my earlier Blog. It was so wonderful an experience for me that I unhesitatingly accepted to deliver one more this year. My Talk this year is on the famed M.R.Radha. The first is in Tamil and the second in English. It is expected that I will shut up in an hour 's time.....but even if we double it , we can all be back home or out partying by 8.30 PM.

August 20: Wednesday - At 6.30 pm.At Avvai Kalai Kazhagam, 15/9, Somu Chetty 4th Lane, Royapuram.Chennai Heritage with Avvai Kalai Kazhagam – Madras Musings Lecture Series (Tamil). M.R. Radha – Nooravadu Andu Anjali (A centenary tribute to M.R. Radha) – Talk with film clips by Mohan Raman.

August 24: Sunday - At 6.30 pm.At Welcomgroup Park Sheraton Hotel and Towers, TTK Road.(ADYAR PARK....) Chennai Heritage-Madras Musings Lecture. A Star of Madras – a centenary tribute ( English) to (M.R. Radha) - Talk with film clips by Mohan Raman.

There are several interesting talks and walks organised as part of the madras Week celebrations...those of you who are interested in this topic of " old Chennai" may please check out the website for details on events and lectures.

Some of my favourite speakers are there Randor Guy, Sriram.....these chaps are all a fund of information and those of you who can make it are bound to have a cerebrally stimulating and rib tickling time

Check out the Trailer for the talk.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It began here - chennai 65 years ago

War Memorial - yes the one in Marina .

Parrys Corner

This is an Advertisement from the Hindu of February 1915.

The first "Electric" Theatre in the South was in Mount road as it was then called .
This was built in 1900 and it was this theatre's centenary that I celebrated with Mr.Sivaji and Mr. Kamal attending the Special Cover release for Tamil Film Pioneers. Happily the bulding still stands in the Anna Road Post Office Complex as the Philatelic Bureau - Bang opposite the Shanthi Theatre..Oh, how we yearn for those good old days when we could watch a movie for 1 Re and get change to go home by Bus.......after buying some peanuts and an ice cream.

I gave a talk last year on Chennai as a backdrop in Tamil Cinema and have taken a few clips of Chennai from early Tamil films - circa 1940s.....Enjoy them too.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Natpukku Kuselan - Rajini

I haven't seen the film and I am sure that the last twenty minutes must be outstanding....for Friendship and what it means. Happy friendship Day to all those who read this...even if you are reading it later.

Much is being said about the "apology" and so on. I have one thought to contribute. The "karnataka" market for this film cannot be something so big that it prompted the Superstar to send this apology....I know that he settled probably four times that amount for the financial hardships that the distributors claimed to have suffered in "Baba". To say that he did this for money is utter nonsensense. I feel that there is more to it than what he, as a Gentleman, is willing to let all of us know. What little I Know of him , says that he is NOT a Commercially driven person. Much finer sentiments rule that Man.

In any case, to apologise and to say that he is sorry IF he had hurt someone's an act of bravery and not cowardice. To express one's feelings in a socio - Political issue is one thing and to hurt the sentiments and feelings of a section of people is another. We must realise that the apology was for having hurt and not for having participated in the protest fast.

I wish all of us will rise above petty partisan feelings and Try to solve this problem of "cauvery" water....We have always welcomed non Tamil Speaking people in Tamil Nadu ( here I mean, people for whom Tamil is not their mother tongue) - MGR , Periyar , Jayalaithaa , M.R.Radha , Savithri , Padmini , Nagesh , Kannamba , Vai.Ko , Vijaykanth , Rukmani Devi Arundale , Dr Cherian ,Dr. Badrinath , Dr. P.C.Reddy , Nagi Reddy , Bhanumathy , Mr.Tarapore , Mr.Kothari , Mr.Dadha have all been Great Citizens for Tamil Nadu.....What they have done for us is more important than where they came from. Ambedkar has done so much for social upliftment in Tamil Nadu , he is from Maharashtra. Mother Theresa was not even an Indian by birth . So why harp on this Tamil - non Tamil Issue.

In the Genographic Project, I suggest all of us visit that site

they have traced our ancestry .... all of us come from a small group that migrated some 60,000 years ago from africa. so where are these issues of language, State or even Country??....We seem to have had one migration 50000 years ago and one 25000 years ago. These Gentlemen ..were our ancestors....This is verified Genetically. In fact , for a small sum you can get a Kit from National Geographic and trace your gene , almost to that little pool of water in Africa...Try it.The web site makes for interesting reading , a documentary on this was also telecast. One of our friends from Tanjore was able to trace his roots , I remember reading about it in the Papers.

So let us all be FRIENDS .... Not for a moment am I suggesting that we give up our rights , lose our self respect or agree to impossible demands....let us remember that a Smile gets you much further than a slap.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.