Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orange Cap - Purple Cap

The Orange and Purple Cap Calculations

I have been wondering about the way these caps are being awarded. Needless to say that they are given to some really great Batsmen and Bowlers , not some , all of them.....but did they get it for the "right" reason ?? That is what I ask....the mere accumulation of Runs and Wickets cannot be the sole reason to be honored with a cap that bestows on you the title of the "best".
I for one believe that an innings of 35 scored at a strike rate of 200 is more valuable than a 60 scored at a run a ball - unless the Team required someone to stand and stem the rot.....even stemming the rot cannot Win you the match in this format - you can pace your innings the way Chris Gayle did in one match slow and steady and then the floodgates opened taking his strike rate above 150.
The collecting of wickets with total disregard to the economy rate and the bowling of dot balls during the "death" overs as the sole factor for the Purple cap cannot be fair in the overall scheme of things. Just as the Powers that be got a "team" of technical experts to arrive at a formula called "Duckworth-Lewis" , they should get some mechanism worked out. In the ICC rankings , What you get after winning against Bangladesh is totally different than what you get when you beat England or Australia. This is something that also needs to be worked out.
As a start I would prefer if the Runs scored is multiplied by the Strike Rate ( not as 165 or 189 but as 1.65 or 1.89) and points awarded. The Highest Points gets the Cap. I am sure a methodology that takes into account economy rate/dot balls bowled and wickets taken will also be possible.
Can we get to see the Most Valuable and Successful Batsman and Bowler wearing the Cap.....


Unknown said...

Fluke should not score over consistency.Also bowler needs extra support in current cricket which is batsman oriented.

harimathivanan said...

or rather i would say..that a third cap or title should be given to the "game changer"...the one who actually turns the match around for his side....but then there will be a clash again between bowling and batting...which are 2 different aspects of the game..but still equally instrumental in turning a match around.

harimathivanan said...

at the same time...they can also bring in a third cap for the "game changer" with similar calculations as u have mentioned...

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