Wednesday, June 2, 2010

IIFA at Colombo- Kudos to the Southern Film Industry

I was watching the National ( English) TV Channels and the focus that was on the IIFA Awards being held at Colombo. It set me thinking , what made me act - at least prodded me to Blog was dinner with an old friend of mine, one of India's finest film makers , who has also set one of his films in the backdrop of the Tamil's struggle in Sri Lanka.

We discussed this Humanitarian crisis that the Tamils are facing there and it came out as we spoke that what the Politicians have not been able to ( or do not want to) , the Tamil film fraternity has achieved. We have been able to get the media and therefore the people all over India to become aware that there exists a situation in Sri Lanka that is not good , that must be addressed by the world , not just the Tamil world but the Human world.

In that sense we must be proud of belonging to a fraternity that has decided to raise a voice in support of those displaced and suffering. It is no longer an issue of just the "Tamil" people but one that is of a section of Humankind that is suffering - Thank you my friend for that enlightening bit of discussion we had.

It also showed me that however small a voice you are , if you are just and crying , it will be heard and will have some effect.

I always felt that the Hindi Film Industry did not care what we did in the South.
Our opinions and concerns did not affect them in any way and that we cannot do a thing about anything -Oh , how wrong and stupidly short sighted I was.

I understand that the Bachchans , SRK and a few other Top Stars are staying away. As the cry came a bit late not much could be done regarding the shifting of the awards itself to some other venue . Vivek Oberoi spoke to a channel on how he is using this a chance to do some rehabilitation work for those affected by the strife. Building a school etc.

I guess I was so wrong about my own Profession and its Power (Many of my Blog's readers and my friends in facebook did point it out.) . I asked earlier when Cricketeers and Politicians are not asked about their "links" with lankans why target only film people....I now know why....because, WE CAN....

We may not have prevented the IIFA from happening but if in the process the Nation's attention is given to this issue albeit for a day or two, then if there is some respite and even a single human being in Lanka is benefited, then the whole thing was worth it.

The next time I ask why me ( or in this case -Us.) I must change it to Why not me.....

நமக்கு என்னனு விட்டுட்டா அது மனுசனா பொறந்ததற்கு அடையாளமே இல்லைன்னு புரிஞ்சுகிட்டேன் .


K Vasudevan said...

Surprising that if Thackeray goes against SRK it is considered blackmail, but if the film industry does it, it is raising the voice of the people. The only difference is that one side used violence, while the other is able to do the boycott using their own infrastructure. If IIFA is celebration, cricket matches too are celebrations. Will the chamber raise a voice that cricketers who play in Srilanka should not play in Chennai or worst in CSK! I am sorry I am presenting an anti view.

Venky said...

Though bringing the issue into focus, albeit for a day or two is certainly important, it is even more relevant to prod the people who matter, to act. This has once again shown the collective power of a united bunch of people from an industry. Can we expect others who are in professions/ industry that can make a difference, to do something about it Or are we going to pretend that we are only occasionally humans!!

Kamala R said...

Why does film personalities canvas for ''Chennai Super Kings'' which has Srilankhan players?? Just curious to know!!

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