Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why target Kamal Haasan ?

All over Chennai have sprung up Posters which roughly say this
"Padmasri Kamalhaasan please resign your post as Honorary President
of FICCI which is running the awards in Sri lanka to cover up the genocide -
Live Like BharathiRaaja who threw away his padma Sri title - take him as an example"
This is the most factually incorrect statement I have ever seen - another clear case of Actor bashing.

Dragging the poor chap into a controversy that is NOT THERE.

Firstly FICCI IS NOT the organiser of the Awards - It is done by IIFA.

Kamal Haasan is not the President (Honorary or otherwise of FICCI) It is Rajan Mittal of Bharti. In fact in the FICCI website there is a list of 250 office bearers in which Kamal does not even feature.

Why do these people unnecessarily drag a Cinema person's name -

What do they mean Bharathi Raaja - as an example for kamal to follow...
He is a good Director - If he was so sensitive to any Title given by the "Central Govt." then he should not have any Truck with the DMK Party that is allied and supporting the Sonia Gandhi/Manmohan Singh Government.

Can he do that ?

Then what will happen to the nearly 2 lakh Rs. that is paid to him every day for his serial by Kalaignar TV - Therkaththiya Ponnu. In fact they even had a big function to celebrate its 500th episode , an event presided over by Dr Kalaignar.

It is an acknowledged and accepted fact that the DMK and its Chief is an avowed "Tamil" lover , even he has not commented in this regard - why do these lesser minions howl ? Can they not follow Kalaignar who shows astute political wisdom and sagacity as well as a practical approach to solving the Problems faced by the Tamils there ? No one can deny that there is great suffering there. No self respecting Indian should deny it.

The country is part of SAARC and our own PM visited Lanka in 2008 for the SAARC summit - the declaration mentions nothing about the Tamil Issue. What protest was there then?
A Sri Lankan member of parliament - Sanath Jayasuriya , played along with Sachin and company - are we going to ask sachin to quit Mumbai Indians ? Or ask Ambani to sack Sanath ?
Why not ? It is a logical extension of this argument on Kamalhaasan.
A Team was led by a Lankan in IPL , Dhoni had Murali playing for him so shall we boycott all these guys or ask them to resign ?

Please do not pick on Film Stars for everything. We are entitled to have our own views -
political , social, religious , economic etc. Do not force people to think only on the Lines that you want them to think. We are still living in a Democracy and are entitled to free speech and thought. This Fascist approach will be the death knell to free and creative thought.

Kamal is Tamilnadu's greatest film and artistic asset, one who has dedicated his life to Cinema do not belittle his achievements - many in the Film Industry must learn from him and follow his example on Commitment to the Arts.


Just because you need Publicity for your cause do not pick on them for a Piggyback Ride at his/her cost.


Unknown said...

Well said Mohan, Celebrities are the soft targets, and if they stand up their own ilk dont support them. Good to see you taking up the cause.

Anonymous said...

Sir,draggin kamal,bharatiraja or anyother actor is totally wrong. stupid people do blame about problems.only wise ppl bring solutions. the list of points about cricketers and ipl is not needed. u hav clarified kamal.s power. it is just a meaningles blame and demand just forgive and forget. now let us discuss the solution for srilankans can v shout together for the help. iam an engineer with few ppl contact, you are the actor you can communicate to the world about the situation through film. the solutions are the demand. good day. bala

Unknown said...

Dear bala,
Please note that we (actors) cannot say what we want to - not even Rajini or Shah rukh...we have to speak the given dialogues only maybe change a little to suit our personal style.
We , need a political solution , that no actor can bring about that is why I am saying do not drag the actors into this.

Unknown said...

Mohan, I agree with you. I appreciate you for sticking your neck out in this issue. More power to your elbow. Theodore Baskaran

Janarthanan said...

Stupdity to the core... No One is ready to understand the problem and thats one of the reason we were not able to provide a solution.

Why drag somebody to these kinds of issues when they are so dedicated to only one thing in life "Art". Pls. leave them and I beg everyone to stop and think before they act on the problem.

kas saranathan. said...


Remo Ram said...

There is a shadow group which operates in tamil film industry, I believe. Their job is take up a subject and try to target a particular person, by blowing things out of proportion. The recent one is Jayaram's slip of tongue about tamil maid. where were these moral patrol, when Srilankans were really suffering? your blog needs more exposure. Please tie up with some website so that people really would know what we, actors , think....

Shantaram said...

Well said, Mohan. As Theodore mentions, it does take courage to stand up to these hot-headed, misguided souls. Glad you are doing it!

Unknown said...

Thank you Theo , truly value your comments
Dr Saranathan, shantharam and Jana thank you
Too. Ram if I link my blog then I will be guilty
Of piggy back riding as much as they are. You my
Friends can tell your friends and so on. Word of mouth
Or in this case the cyber word is always better. Thank you for your kind words too.
I am happy with this level of awareness - as Schuhmacher said "small is beautiful".

Jayaraman said...

Well-said Mr. Mohan.
However, apart from realizing that the film industry is just like any other profession and individual view is to be respected, the degree of the impact of an actor over the masses is well-known and has to be considered for its magnificence.
People are busy...true. But if actors take out a little more time to zero in on such issues which they can create a political influence on, I think that would be a great time for the layman to have supportive voices from people he looks forward to as those who can.


shankar "Ulagam" said...

Well said Mohanji....

Vyabara Naikalukum, Vilambara Peikalumkum seriya savukadi.....


Kalyan said...

Well said.

devaski said...

I am being a Kamal fan, I welcome if Kamal can say..yes I am ready to remove Padmashri till we see some serious political resolution takes place in Srilanka either with State or Central support.

Take my word, Kamal will come forward and say..I will leave this title if it can make good for the Tamil population over there.

May be if any other actor is dragged here it wont make sense, yes for Kamal it will make a sense, his voice will uproar the rights of Tamils in Srilanka.

Please let the media recall... during war days, we sports Authority of India sent the Indian cricket team to play cricket in SL, same day many were dying in the battle field. Baba..where is the goodwill and respect for the fighters..including the SL army?

No regime can accept matches in when war is on... we did that.

No we Indian citizens have lost goodwill, we will lay-down anything if it is for money..

There is nothing wrong in boycotting event in SL as long as our political teams visit the regions affected, check rehabilitation work..and get the war criminals to justice.

Anonymous said...

appreciate your concerns for fellow actors.. all the best sir.

shivaaji said...

that's our mohan ..... well said mohan....beauifull

Sharmila said...

Dear Mr Mohan,

I agree on most points on the blog. Yes, you are right, the IIFA has always showcased only Bollywood movies and never given any importance whatsoever to any other Indian films. Politicizing the IIFA is not going to resolve the issues that the Tamils continually face. If you wish you could read some points i had raised about the same issue at -

PS - enjoy your acting immensely!

Unknown said...

Probably every actor worth his salt has to support Ajith for what he said - you have just endorsed his ideas in a different costume/ context... !

Sharmila said...

Thanks for your valuable comment on my blog, an honor to have you there.

Best Regards

Unknown said...

excellent comment sir,,,

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