Saturday, April 24, 2010

IPL / BCCI - The Media's selective Bashing ?


Vijay Mallya - Liquor baron, Owner BRC, VP Karnataka State Cricket Assn

N.Srinivasan - Industrialist , President TamilNadu Cricket Assn , Owner CSK, Secretary BCCI

Suni Gavaskar - Former cricket Player, Commentator , Member IPL Governing Council

Ravi Shastri - Former cricket Player, Commentator , Member IPL Governing Council

Brijesh Patel - Former player, Secretary KSCA and Manager BRC

Suhel Seth -

There are three Major issues raised in this blog.......


Everyone mentions that Mr.Srinivasan has bought a team , while being the BCCI Secretary etc. This was done after express written permission of the BCCI. This was questioned by Shri Muthiah ( I shall not get into that Politics here) in the Madras High Court and the Court held that what Mr Srinivasan (NS) had done was not illegal. Now the issue is on appeal in the Supreme Court. Being a matter Sub Judice I shall not comment on this case.

However, What NS did was to pay money , ie he spent monies that he was in charge of (technically India Cements' shareholders money). He did NOT take money from anyone to whom he was in a position to do favours or grant contracts.

Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri are in the Governing Council of the IPL. The IPL had awarded a contract to Sony , then rescinded and then Sony covers the same through another company which was paid a facilitation fee etc etc , this tangled web need not be discussed here.


I understand that these two plus the Nawab draw a salary from the IPL - please clarify......Media - ask the relevant questions please.

The media has conveniently forgotten about this....who is the "badder" man , one who spends his money or one who takes money.?

These two gentlemen are Commenting on the current IPL and drawing a salary from a Vendor. Is this not Pecuniary benefit of an "interested" kind ?

Now they even have the gall to suggest that Ravi Shastri head the IPL or be part of the three member team to manage it. No problems , he may do an excellent job ,but do not gloss over his alleged misdeeds and sins of omission and commission. The media must be fair in its comments and tar EVERYBODY with the same brush.


Vijay Mallya is the vice president of the KSCA and Brijesh Patel the Secretary of the KSCA , by this , they are in the BCCI - de facto. They are owner and manager of the Bengaluru Royal Challengers - this is acceptable ???? but the CSK cannot be owned by NS.

What double standards ? Media , wake up. or are you just pretending to sleep.


Mr Suhel Seth made an offensive remark on a National TV Channel that should make every Tamilian's blood boil. I am seriously contemplating suing the man.

He said - why should the BCCI be in "that" Tamil Nadu, why should it be registered there? Let us move it out of there......

Implying that the BCCI being in Tamil Nadu is the root cause of all evil and that Tamil Nadu and the Tamil People are the source of corruption.

What gall....

Mr Seth , the BCCI was registered here in the early 1960s when Mr. M.A.Chidambaram was the president ( 1960-63) , this was at a time when the Association had little or no money - not the millions it has now. So please get your background check done before you shoot off your mouth.


I appeal to all self respecting Tamils to mute the volume the next time this obnoxious man comes on Television spouting his wisdom - why do the channels call him ? I do not know , he has a nice , albeit artificial accent - clipped and what not , uses decent english but there it stops.

I do not know what businesses he has promoted and run so successfully ? - Mallya at least expanded his father's empire and NS turned around a massive loss making company to a profitable one.

He is not an acclaimed Philospher like Jiddu Krishnamurthy or even a thinker /writer like Nirad Chaudri - just a petty, offensive human being. Who thinks that Tamil Nadu is a den of vice and that Tamilians are corrupt and tainted - wish the Chief Minister will launch a campaign against him - his remarks are defenitely more injurious to the Tamil image than what Khushboo said.

He and Arnab Goswami who allowed it to be said must apologise to the Tamil people.


Anand said...

Hey... We all know about Times group, they are very mean in terms of treating Tamils.

They will give the worst Possible review for the best films in Bangalore edition of their papers.

Thats a Petty news channel and has very poor audience...
So shall ignore about such useless things....


Unknown said...

i totally agree with u.i also think that Mr seth always shoots from his mouth without knowing the facts.this is not the first time this is happening.seconding your thoughts i dont understand with what stature of social standing does his thoughts and staements become so inportant that the channel invites him to voice his opinions.the media is clearly putting up a show

jesu said...

good work sir..such things can happen only in india..thanks for bringing out the true nature of these corrupted & ill minded people.

jesu said...

good work sir..such dirty politics takes place only in india.

Unknown said...

Dear Mohan,
Excellent. It is only when the storm is blowing that we see the real expressions in all faces.
Bad in deed.
The fact that IPL has brought fresh excitement in to live viewing of cricket has come under
"KANN DRISHTI". I am sure things will settle down to make it more exciting next year.

Unknown said...

Dear Mohan,
Excellent. It is only when the storm is blowing that we see thre real expressions in all faces.
Bad in deed.
The fact that IPL has brought fresh excitement in to live viewing of cricket has come under
"KANN DRISHTI". I am sure things will settle down to make it more exciting next year.

RADHIKA said...


Anonymous said...

Just because Arnab Goawami is a bone head. According to me he does not have mental meturity to be a lead news anchor.

Venk said...

wat u ve said is absolutely perfect.. those morons must apologies, damn it i wud like to use some words but despite being a public blog i don wanna do tat... f--------------- these m----------fffffffff---------- guys...

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mohan Ram. Absolutely valid points raised. Especially about Suhail Seth. I've noticed that a couple of folks including Suhail Seth often end up making absolutely sweeping statements off the cuff, and generally get away with it most of the time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mohan for this and your earlier post. It helps keep track of IPL controversy here in NYC, as the media's reporting of this is all over the place and
I am surprised that there is no public outrage at Suhel's remarks. It just might be a good idea to sue this guy. But then again, this is what he is capable of and I'd expect no better from him (he visited XL in 1992 from O&M, I think, and was all form and minimal substance)

Anonymous said...

Mohan.. understand your point but I strive not to set off action (Karma) on anything good or bad that is connected with ethnic divide of our country. Mahesh Sriram (Mohan please offer facebook open id for signins).

Praks said...

IPL is indeed a colossal money spinner for all those who were involved, whether Franchise Player, or an Associate in any manner, not withstanding their stature. Sarcastically, IPL can also be called as INDIAN PAISA LOOT. We Indians knowingly fall prey for this swindling of our Money for the simple reason of Passion for the Game of Cricket. Where were this Tax men and what have been they doing. Does it require a Shashi Tharoor to open up the Pandoras box. What the hell were the so called Regulatory Body be it FERA or INCOME-TAX DEPARTMENT doing all these days. Were they waiting for Command from the the Powers that be. Absolute Mockery. Let every one be under through scanner and each one have to come out with the clean chit failing which all the ill-gotten Money be attached to the Government"s Coffer.

BCCI is no Ceasears wife above board and suspicion. Let"s clean-up all the affliations associated with the game of Cricket. Indian Cricket Viewership is the mother of all fundings and let us set the house in order before it is too late.

Jai Prakash said...

Mr. Mohan

You are completely justified in getting hurt. But think of it - Suhel Seth is just a name - he is perhaps only one amongt those millions of educated illiterates living in the north of Vindhyas who are steeped in thoughts of their own imagined racial superiority. Their uncultured thought process will never be able to appreciate the amount of sobriety south India has been able to provide the Indian polity.
Imagine what would have happened if there were 10 more Bihars or UP's or Delhi in this country ?? India would have been the rape and corruption capital of the world.
Suing one Suhail Seth would not kill this problem.You will perhaps have to sue more than half of the population living north of Vindhyas.

Hari L said...

@Anand - Pt 1 so if a section of the public comes to the conclusion that a section of the media is not worthy of repute, then they can mudsling at yet another section of people & nobody need worry about that. doesn't make sense, does it? actually it does. just bcos a channel is branded not worthy of their views, does not allow them to make all kinds of senseless remarks. going by your yardstick, Al-jazeera should be allowed to telecast its statements at primetime (prob as a comedy show) & nobody must be bothered about what is being said in it.
Pt 2 I too am surprised that it did not draw too much attention from the people here, probably bcos it does not have an impact on the family or finances of the 'first' family here...

Unknown said...

Good thing- let us get rid of that most corrupted BCCI from our backyard. In any case, TNCA was being given step-motherly treatment and when a chance presents itself, let us not look at the gift-horse in its mouth !!

sukumaransairam said...

very true sir.inda vela vetti illadavanga pesarada kettu neenga upset aagadinga sir. we tamilians are always great.

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