Friday, March 5, 2010

Nithyananda - N.D.Tiwari and the like

Ever wonder how life can go Topsy turvy on you ? You need not look far...just peek at what these two "gentlemen" have done as well as A third across the seas - Tiger Woods is not on Par as he is a self confessed sexaholic undergoing detox.....
My point is that there is a difference in the way both have been treated....
N.D has been politely edged out of office and given a welcome in his native town with channels interviewing him and he promising that the 'truth' will come out and that he will return to Politics....Why has this been done ? Probably because he is from the Party in Power...

Take the case of the other "offender" he is being hounded, chased,effigy burnt and property looted, accused of everything from kidnapping to cheating etc.A few Advocates claiming cases to be filed against him and theistic right wing forces immediately jumping in to save the cad.

I do not understand how the offence is any less or different if done by a saffron clad bounder as opposed to a khadi clad one.
In fact the media has been quite partial too - they blasted Nithyananda's escapades but then N.D.T got away ( the courts gave him a respite ? I am not sure , in which case why was this individual refused ?).
Why should one person be treated so differently ?

In all this I pity the actress who is caught in the middle of this imbroglio. I wish the media had not burnt her so effectively and efficiently as well. I have a few points that are glaringly different in this Nithya episode from the Raj Bhavan one. I guess the location for a start - one is the first house of the State of Andhra...the other a Private place. In that sense the NDT crime is far more for there was a quid pro quo alleged etc etc...In the Nithya case it is two Adults having Consensual sex. They are not even cheating any Spouse , So please tell me what is the "Legal" crime ? I am not for a moment suggesting that the actions of either are morally condonable or should be left unpunished/unpublished.

I am upset that the Media can play such censor able material ( The Hon'ble Chief Minister did make this point today) and the Press Publish Photographs of two people in flagrante delicto.

He is not a Mutt head or a Catholic priest who is supposed to be Celibate - He is a "lifestyle" Guru, preaching some kind of meditation or some other thing , like many others in this game. So nothing is there in Law that states he should not get married ?


what will the Media do ? How can they publish the bedroom life of a married couple ?
Can they rewind life ?

The media just went berserk. This is another case of the need for an Ombudsman or a censor board for the Television Industry. In fact I wonder if any Film Censor would have permitted half the shots that were shown in the Nithyananda case. Much worse is seen in films is one arguement.

If what has been done is OK , then we better be prepared to give up all individual liberty and privacy.
Beware my friends -

Big Brother is not just watching but Video Taping as well.


Guna said...

Mite be thr are some more missing in this sex scandal list(inclusive of few saints & big shots) as per my expectation & it goes on widout any end.. Lets see who`s gonna be next..

Chaos And Order - "Satheesh" said...

The day will come where we will find cameras embedded in our own bedrooms by SUNTV and Nakkeeran kind of "media" houses..!! Height of vulgarity and voyerism......Lame......

Anonymous said...

Man Proposes God Disposes! God make mistakes too.

Unknown said...

With the so many other problems in his day to day life like petrol price hike the whole drama may help the comman man to gossip and forget his worries for sometime.For the media it is a big business.Nothing more than this....Ramakrishnan Ramesh

Unknown said...

media is looking for events to make sensational news and increase their popularity.

if at all they find no sensational news, they infact create one.

as for the property looting and effigy burning and the like, there are specific set of people, they are alikes of media, they want themselves into the center stage, by doing all this.

yesterday, i saw one guy giving interview in the same channel which started the fire, that the ashram should be burnt to ashes, i think the law should act hard on such people who spur violence.

Anonymous said...

gods do have sex

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous - I published your remarks as I believe in free and fair expression - never at the cost of hurting anyone or their sentiments , I do not disagree but that does not mean I agree with your statement - Gods , need not do anything in the mortal manner - They are joy/bliss and love in its purest form ,something that we humans can never understand.

Giri Guevara said...

Remember the Dinamalar Vs Tamil Actors episode sometime back, when an article was written without any proof. Not sure an apology was printed, even in fine print.
Recently Amitabh had take on a leading Bombay Tabloid on a report on behalf of Aishwarya due to some irreverent news on her purpoted illness.
The list is endless....You create something sensational and then dwell on the musings for the days to come
If it was not SUN somebody else would have telecast it

dr balamurugan said...

hello sir,i agree with you..and i also feel.i see an negative trend developing in indian usa &uk..mediahoses..create strong for &against opinion for the issues iraq war..or elections..tuning public india we did not have so far that problem..but we a re also developing..people are pushed to take sides qucickly by media houses whipping up inruchika case,nithari houses demonise indivulals..and if they..have some commercial intersts clashing..they up the ire and ante..feelings..i think it is a worrisome trend sir affecting private lives....

Krishna said...

Dear Sir,

I am a fan to your acting. We like your acting very much (kalki etc) including one ghee ad :) Very well written about the media frenzy. It is one of the saddest day for me to learn that Nithyananda is faking like a brahmachari and absconding once the video is out. The very idea of a young spiritual master who is a brahmachari and yogi - gives me goosebumps. I was imbibed with that idea as the ideal spiritual example during my childhood when I learnt about Swami Vivekananda, Adi Sankara, our Kanchi Maha Swamigal to name a few. Its very disappointing in deed. On the other hand, its of no use cursing businessmen in the media industry - They got carried away themselves it seems.


Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

I think the NDT issue too was taken up with the same intensity in the local channels in Andhra though the news was broken in a national English news television.

The problem with nithyananda is that he called himself a sanyasi. Though he is not the head of a mutt or any other traditional Hindu institution, as a Sanyasi he is expected to follow certain values.

People followed him and showered him with so much money and fame not because he was 'Nithyananda' but for those great values that they thought he espoused and followed.

If you are in the public realm and making money out of a certain image that you created for yourself, it is only natural that you would be hounded if you deviate. By doing what he did, he has reiterated the argument of many in this country that god-men are mostly frauds.

In NDT's case, the punishment was actually far worse because he is more or less doomed to a permanent political exile. And people don't expect politicians to be virtuous but they expect sanyasis who preach the religion to be so.

If you cannot have restrain and cannot practice the highest level of self-control, why do you call yourself a sanyasi?

The frustration and reactions were obvious!

Anonymous said...

Mohan, point taken BUT the Big difference here is this. Th basis of every Society is Morality and the social fabric of Society is weeded in morality. So the same standards stand for Tiger Woods, M D tiwari or Nityananda "Swami". Society cannot accept anything less. The media is just reflecting this mood of society although in a very very negative way. The difference with Nityananda is that he is supposed to guard Morality, where as N D Tiwari is a guardian of the law and order of a state. The crime is the same but the person committing it matters to acertain extent.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Followed you here from Facebook.
Your blog is as delightful as your acting, I must say.
I agree with some of the points you raised and disagree with others. I'm relieved that you, like me, believe in free speech and will most likely publish my comment.

1. I also don't see any legal case in the matter of two consenting adults having a good time. On the contrary, there could be a case against the media people responsible for airing such videos.
I don't know why they should go scot-free.

2. But I'm all for exposing godmen. The crime N committed was not to make it clear to his followers that he practises sex like a normal human. You see, Sir, if he had styled himself like Rajnessh, and approved hedonism as a route to spirituality, his image would have improved instead of being tarnished.
But personally I feel the less godmen the better for India.

Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

Unknown said...

I agree with you , anyone caught lying must be punished. Especially if you are a Godman and are accepting monies from the Public/Devotees and pretend to lead a highly thical/moral life.
Am not sure if less Godmen is better for India...maybe less Politicians ???.Godmen do help(the good ones do) in spreading the message of Universal Love/Brotherhood and Service.What Citizen Joe will not take from his religion's books he will accept if his Guru asks him to follow.
I am a classic case in point - I gave up alcohol some 21 years ago only for such a reason. Ha ha ha.

vasan said...

Ayyayo "Enakku naane thittam kooda" thappa sir!!!!!

Unknown said...

naan eppo thappunnu sonnen Vasan ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Mohan basically what i feel is that there is nothing wrong in two adults having intimacy and it happens irrespective of religion and the media chooses particularly hindus in INDIA., where majority of population is Hindus is point to ponder. There are cases of priests misbehaving with women who come to confess and i know a case where a particular tamil film actress went to confess to a priest in church and after the confession the priest
had tested that the confession is true (practical session) and then proposed to marry her and they are married and leading a family life. It's purely personal and its absolutely ridiculous on the part of media to indulge is such act of vulgarity particularly with Swamijis. Swami Vivekananda said " Children in dark make mistakes" and Swami Nityananda should have slightly twisted the above statement to say " MISTAKES IN THE DARK MAKE CHILDREN". Even if he had made such statement nothing is wrong.

Probably media people may think that this is what is Investigative Journalism. I am sorry media guys you are absolutely wrong. That a Ruling Party Channel telecasting the whole night ., leads everyone to believe that its a conspiracy or a trap, a preplanned operation by Nakkerhan and the TV Channel ., Remember we are being ruled by those who dont believe in GOD or atleast they say this at the outset.

The act like this of the media will definitely prompt Swami Nityananda to say that "ITS NOT DIFFICULT TO LOCATE GOD BUT ITS REALLY DIFFICULT TO LOCATE HIDDEN CAMERAS"

We can only say JAI HIND and hope that the TV Channels run by MBA's shouldnt have indulged in this kind of image tarnishing act and definitely need a censor for TV Media. Not sure whether that will happen. By the way whats Bill Clinton was doing in India 6 months back.

Anonymous said...

the role of media is shameful
,moreover at the time of school exams the attention was diverted in so many houses.
The only right voice against this was by honorouble Chief Minister ,whose statemnt was right in all respect.thank you sir.

time will definitely tell who is right and who is wrong.But what was aired inmedia is in bad taste that is for sure.

Shyam said...

Dear Sir

It may be interesting to note that some curious George's who want to explore and learn sex dont seem to bother what has happened between the Swami and the actress

In London , in the tube, i overheard two foreigners saying that if the Swami held a discourse on sex it might as well be good time spent.He is a good communicator, no doubt.

Some media sections claim that the Swami was doing research with the actress. Probably the episode will get him more followers from the west and the pseudo west.

vasan said...

Thanks sir, it makes me to be more self reliant!!!

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