Sunday, September 6, 2009

Film heritage buff and teacher ?

There were two articles one each in The Deccan Chronicle and the Hindu....which mentioned me as being a teacher and a Film heritage Buff....I am deeply indebted to the writers of both - whether I deserve this sobriquet or not, Time and the quality of my work shall determine.

The first article , though , carries a few small errors - I do not teach regularly at the St.Josephs College , but have addressed Students - in various educational Institutions like The Thyagarajar School of management- Madurai , Pearl Acadamy of fashion , Many Rotaract Seminars and seminars organised by the Symbiosis School -Pune. The second is a minor spelling mistake , it should read as ...I train them in Team Building and Not Corporate Building. These very minor things apart, it is good to be called a "Teacher". I thank the writer , for it feels good to be recognised in this manner.

The second article in the Hindu has a far greater import - The authority on anything on Madras City and its history is Mr. S.Muthiah . It was an honour that he was present for my lecture the other day at the Tag Centre. Randor Guy and Dr.S.Krishnaswamy, two other noted Film historians were there too , adding to my tensions as I spoke. When Mr. Muthiah has classified me as a FILM HERITAGE feels like I have been baptised , indeed , much like Vishvamithra after getting the nod of approval from Vasishta - I am indeed thankful to him for these kind words. I hope and pray that God grant me strength and wisdom to live up to these words

If in the process , we , are able to locate the site of "Tower House", on Miller's Road, Kilpauk then it will have really served the purpose. For that is the birth place of Cinema in the South.


Shyam Sunder said...

Dear Sir,

With so much valuable information in your blog, can you please allow us to follow your blog? Right now, I do not see the "Follow Me" option.

Unknown said...

I have done something that I hope gives you the options now....please let me know if what I have done is the correct thing.If not do weducate me and I shall do the needful. many mnay thanks for your words of encouragement.

Kalyan said...

Congrats sir... You deserve all credits mentioned in the media..

sandhya said...

It is sad that such historical places and such landmarks are no more for the present and upcoming generations to see and learn. So much is being said and written about the preservation of our heritage and culture. But just as the words are forgotten, so are the subjects of the topic. If not for the pictures of these landmarks, the coming generations would find it very hard to believe that such places even existed in Chennai amidst the current chaos.

Unknown said...

I could not have said it any better.....well said sandhya....we are talking of forgotten Values but a very tangible part of all of us disappears every day....something far easier to preserve than Values/Morals etc...can we not make a beginning...let us see.

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