Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dad ,Kalaignar ,E.V.K.Sampath

I found an old Photograph - mid -late 1950s of my father , Mr.V.P.Raman , Dr.Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi , CM of TN , Mr.E.V.K.Sampath and Mr.N.V.Natarajan ( I think) . This was during the time my father was an active party member - he quit and never got involved in active politics , though he remained connected with Leaders from all parties.
He left the Party and so too did Sivaji Ganesan , E.V.K.Sampath , Kannadasan probably not in that order.
He seemed to have a knack of attracting Politically sensitive cases for all politicians. He was MGR's advocate when he also used to advise Dr.Kalaignar , and some Congressmen , such was the faith they had in his integrity and of course his legal acumen. I remember his filing a case for Sri "Pollachi" N.Mahalingam against the Congress chief for criticising Sri NM throwing a dinner for "Anna" on his victory. This led to the first fissures in the congress and thereafter the split came as Indra congress and old congress nationally.
In fact it was well known that he along with Era Sezhiyan and Sampath drafted the final Constitution of the DMK. The AIADMK Constitution was based entirely on that ( those days - do not know its position now) except part president was replaced by General Seceretary. Knowing this , K.Rajaram , Nedunchezhiyan , Panrutti S.Ramachandran and Thirunavukkarasu came home after MGR's Death and wanted him to advice them against Rm.V and V.N.Janaki. They had decided to prop up J.Jayalalithaa. It was my father who adviced them upto the point of freezing the two Leaves symbol and they fighting under the Dove and Cock symbols. In retrospect Kalaignar must have felt so happy about his "old" friend totally bringing the AIADMK to a standstill. For a few months including JJ's maiden political speech ( post MGR) , the storming of the "thalamai seyalagam " in Lloyds Road - now avvai shanmugam salai , the petitions before the Election commission , parallel General Council meetings , were all under his advice.....when most people who had come to him initially left her , Panrutti, Navalar, Thirunavukkarasar,KKSSR , to name a few , my father too quietly moved away as by then she had her own set of advisors. It was during this period that I was closely involved in all the Political machinations. Spent several months steeped in it , including the electioneering etc.
We even went to New delhi to talk to Dorab Sopariwala and Prannoy Roy. They came down to start their work - but then i think madam had other ideas.......

He also fought the University Syndicate appointments of Durai Murugan and a few others who were "removed" by the MGR Government. Remember he was 'close' to MGR....despite that Kalaignar wanted him to fight the case. I guess he never had to do any balancing act for two especial reasons - Highest possible levels of Professional Integrity and Extreme Professional Competence. What a reputation ? Tough act to follow.


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