Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba and Ayyappan.

Bhagwan Baba with my father and mother at our home Glen Gyle -Kodaikanal -1986

I wish to narrate a beautiful experience that I had of Bhagwan baba and Lord Aiyappa.

I had the fortune of undertaking the sabarmala pilgrimage from 1976 - eighteen continuous trips. In the year 1987 , Baba was in kodaikanal and I had the extremely good fortune of spending a lot of time with the MBA Boys who had accompanied him that year and therefore a lot of time in the presence of Swami. So many divine moments that at the rate of one blog a day I can go on for months.
That year Swami materialised a Silver ring with the words "SAI" in it. He put it on my ring finger and asked me to stop smoking and drinking ( I used to be a fairly heavy drinker and smoker then). He said that if i am "a good boy" he will give me a better ring later.

I had a dream later , of Swami sitting in a room and I was pressing his legs.He suddenly got up went to one side of the room and slowly proceeded to squat on the floor as he did that his form disappeared and a brilliantly glowing golden Aiyappan appeared and as a shadow I could make out the distinctive hairdo of our Swami. He then stood up , returning to his form , smiled and said "Poruma" (enough) ? It was truly an amazing experience. Thrills me to the core even now.

The next year , 1988 , again in kaodaikanal.....again very very blessed. Swami materialised a Green Stone ring ( you can see the same pattern worn by Sunil Gavaskar amongst others). As he gave it to me he said ....." if you are in trouble look inside the Stone and you will see me and your Aiyappan ".... I am thankful that he did not give me cause to see inside the stone......Several years later both the rings went missing ( or should I say back to the creator). I guess the protective purpose they were to serve was over.

We were extremely fortunate that Swami blessed each and every member of my family and even blessed our home in Kodaikanal - "Glen Gyle" with a visit and even had lunch with us.


Anonymous said...

hello. i found your blog link in an email forwarded to me, and since i enjoy reading blogs, i ventured a foray into yours. This essay is awe inspiring.. to the point of creating goosebumps! thank you for sharing such an experience! :)

செல்வமுரளி said...

hi sir my wishes to you. just now only i saw your blog.

also give some useful tips for Younger`s.that will help all. because i saw your article in nanayam vikatan.

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