Friday, February 6, 2009

My Journey as an ACTOR - The people and the Movies.

A Bit of Touch up.......

Examining Witnesses - with witnesses like these who won't examine.????

Playing an Advocate in Naan Avanillai - A remake of the
K.Balachander classic.

My Journey in this Tinsel world was covered fairly nicely by KTV in an interview that took place a few years ago. I have just posted the same in my you tube account. This interview was done at Home by Ms.Priyadarshini. It has clips of my scenes and my reminiscing of the people and films that have made my film career. Includes scenes with Sivaji Ganesan, Vijaykanth,Prabhu,Raghuvaran,Manorama,Vijay,Kajol and kamalhaasan. Some I saw after a long timelike Clips from my first film "Idhayam" in 1991. In fact in my 90 plus films Idhayam,Kalaignan and Minor Mapillai ( with Ajit) are the only films for which I have not dubbed for myself. It is a flashback that I think you will enjoy.Please watch it.I am giving below the links to the You Tube page.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Please Post your views after viewing .The total running time is approximately 1 hour and it is all in TAMIL.


Raghavanmurari said...

Hello Sir, I saw the videos. It was good but i was excepting more questions from the interviewer regarding your method of teaching management to students from movies. Or was there any that i missed out?

Unknown said...

No you did not miss it. This was shot before I started the Training part of my life.Thank you for your views.

RV said...

Dear Shri Mohanram,

There used to be a lively discussion group in on Sivaji and a site where release dates of all Sivaji films is recorded. I have forgotten the sites, and I was wondering whether you can point me to those pages again.

I do remember that you were one of the prominent members of that discussion group. You may remember my unpopular opinions on how Kalaignar should not be erecting a statue for his "friend" were roasted in that discussion group.

I write a blog on old Tamil movies - my blog is at and I am trying to figure out some data for my posts. BTW, I am sure that my posts on Parasakthi would find approval even among the rabid fans of Sivaji! :-))

Sorry to post this question here - I do realize that this question does not pertain to this topic, but I can't find a good place to ask my question - you are the only person currently who can help me with this.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting..

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