Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Salary Please.????

Hello to all in this BLOGOSPHERE. Thanks to my friend Sunderrajan who helped in goading and creating this page I was able to transfer a few of my earlier scattered posts on Cinema Stamps to this page.

Todays peeve is post this huge "Dasavatharam" film hype everyone is talking of who made how much. Nobody wants to know how much a cardio thoracic surgeon makes in a day doing 6 to 8 open hearts, how much an architecht made in designing a multiplex or how much an advocate made in arguing the case for the Ambanis....But the entire population is taking a guess on what Rajinikanth cleared in Sivaji or kamal in Dasavatharam....why this obsession with what others are earning...? Defenitely not as much as the media will like you to think,,,,So let us leave all this talk of crass and mundane things like money and look at what the actor and the technicians have done.
Most of the Film Industry is based on high levels of secrecy...Only the actor, the producer and their auditors will be privy to the actual figure....needless to say the Tax Man, so all the guessing by "sources close" is a lot of Bull not believe or encourage this talk....If you feel like it, walk up to that Bank clerk who was insolent and ask him for his salary or the waiter in a hotel who gave you poor service for his....Will they answer.?
Then why subject this poor film chap alone to this ignominy....of course a few select cricketeers have joined this exclusive breed of bare your pay packet...
You may well ask, why resume blogging with a peeve, well if I cant pour it all out here, where else can I.....?
Tomorrow on TV Vs Cinema....


புதுகை.அப்துல்லா said...

மோகன்ராம் சார்ர்ர்ர்ர்ர்! என் பதிவிற்கு வந்தது உண்மையிலேயே நீங்களா? உங்கள் முதல் வருகைக்கு என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றி.ஒரு உண்மை தெரியுமா? நீ படித்த படிப்பிற்கும்,உன்னுடைய இண்ட்ரஸ்டுக்கும் சம்மந்தமே இல்லையே என்று நண்பர்கள் கேட்கும் போது உதாரணமாக உங்களையும்,மணிரத்னம் அவர்களையும் தான் சொல்வேன். நீங்கள் அளித்த ஊக்கத்தில் இன்னும் நன்றாக எழுத முயற்சிக்கிறேன்.

rapp said...

oh no mohanram, itz not like that. itz the mentality of the majority population when they see someone getting paid a salary which would never b even closer to their lifetime savings. but the point is,they often point out other fields also. v are all aware of the criticism against IT sector(accusing the IT people, their life style, working environment, etc and complaining that they are paid too much). so it happens in all the fields. i can even ask u the same question. y z it that directors like simbuthevan, ram(katrathu thamizh) and so many other directors accuse the IT people so badly as if they are the monsters of our heavenly culture? the answer is same, v cant accept or digest an individual's sudden growth. it might have been a gradual growth to that paricular person but it z not obviously visible, hence people dont recognise it.

Dinesh Kannan said...

hello sir.....terrific!you hit the nail on the head!!!

சுரேகா.. said...

Super Sir...!

This is very very important issue among the people. they should aware about it..and the MEDIA is taking major part of this crime.

Unknown said...

thank you very very much for your kind words.

Shyami said...

:) Ah Mr Mohanram! Come on, don't say that! Who doesn't get asked about their salary? That is one of the basic questions people around us have. What did you have for breakfast? What is your caste? Where do you work? and what salary do you get?

And if you are anyone that they think are in a good job, that question will definetly arise. And if you live abroad, then multiply the chances of being asked that question by 1000 :)

Yes, we the general public have every right to ask public figures like actors, cricketers, etc about their salaray (only kidding) because we spend Rs.500 (or even more) on the first day first show to watch their movies or spend so much on a ticket to watch cricket!

Nobody pays anything to watch me write lines and lines of code or to watch a cardio surgeon perform surgery! So nobody bothers about our existence or asks us about our salaries :D

We have people build temples for actors/actresses. Then no one in the film industry complained about it, why complain about this now? :)

Btw, I like your posts and I am a member of tfmpage, I followed your link from there :)

have a nice day!

E-Farmers said...

Hello Mr.Mohan Ram,

I have seen you in movies and some TV shows.

I could feel, you are a highly educated person,but did not expect your XLRI background. Thought Mani Ratnam and Kitty are the only two film personalities from management education background.

Your post on 'salary' is very natural.Unfortunately, in Tamil Nadu, people are more interested in knowing about other persons personal stuff, than focusing on their own. Media is so powerful there. If 20% of media persons think, we can change the attitudes of people, so that next generation will prosper better.

Another thing, I always wanted to share with a film industry personality. Film making is nothing but a project and involves crores of Rupees,thousands of hours hard work and co ordination of hundreds of people. There are good directors who completes the movie on time and with in budget. More than a director, they are good project managers.

I think, project management skills are mandatory for any debudant director. Poduction manager is merely a co ordinator and director should be the project manager. I always wonder how P.Vasu could make movies on time with in low budget. I am sure he is a good project manager first and then film director.

Will be more than happy to exchange views with you on this later.

Thanks and have a good day.


Unknown said...

I agree with you totally. Directors like P.Vasu and K.S.Ravikumar to name just a few are very very conscious of the Cost of Capital and hence cost of production.They have a very efficient team with them.Companies like AVM and sathyajyothi involve in the project Management aspect and therefore giving the director more time for the creative side. It is an amalgam of good planning, shared Goals and responsibilities and finally willingness to make ones EGO subservient to the Project on Hand.

M Arunachalam said...

Dear Mr. Mohan Ram,

I like your acting & seen couple of serials of yours too apart from movies. I am pleasantly surprised to know about your blog which I got to know thru

Reg. your post on actors' salary, I would like to point out that even corporate CEO's salaries are hotly debated topic in media (business media) along with cricketers. I don't know how actors (who are also a public figure like the other two) can expect to be treated differently. Actually, since actors are much much more popular than the other categories, their salary is an important criteria to peg their standing among the Top 5 or 10, so to say.

I feel this is a sort of occupational hazard which an actor should take in his stride.

I like your writing & pl keep going like this.


முகுந்தன் said...

Hello Sir,

Wonderful message.
I always feel that trying to know other´s salary is very bad. Generally when we try to find out others(who are in the same profession)
salary(not only film personalities),
we try to compare ourselves with others.This creates unwanted thoughts and we feel in what way im inferior to the other guy,why am i being paid less than the other person etc.

That too when we hear of big salaries that the film personalities get , people think that these guys are earning like anything.... but they have to understand that film personalities are also human beings and they also work hard to earn money.

According to me trying to know about other´s salary itself is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Mohan Ram,

This is a very good article and subject to debate. I fully go with you it is beyond one's right and purview to poke his/her nose on the other person's salary/remuneration. If at someone wants to know about it, they should get into the other person's field and they will automatically come to know. Isn't it? But it is unfortunate that the person who raises such questions is not technically capable to get into this profession and hence the desire to know...

Sincere Regards
Ashok Ramamoorthy

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